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Supporting Families in Collaborative Divorces

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Introduction to the Collaborative Process
The Collaborative Process focuses on helping the clients in divorce or other family conflict resolve their dispute and reach agreement without going to court.

The client, along with their Collaborative Lawyers and other Professionals, focus all efforts on a peaceful, non-adversarial resolution.

The Collaborative Process is an out-of-court conflict resolution process in which the participants focus their efforts on reaching a mutually acceptable resolution. It is a team-based approach founded on a set of principles that significantly changes the dynamics between clients and engages them outside of the courtroom in an open, supportive, lower-conflict process to find shared solutions.

Central tenets of the Collaborative Process include:

While the Collaborative Process has most often been used for divorce, the principles of the Collaborative Process can be used for any conflict, including other areas of family conflict such as disputes over adoptions, elder care, surrogacy, custody and parenting disputes, and modifications of child and spousal support.

How the Collaborative Process Works
When you choose professionals with Portland Collaborative Divorce, you will work with a team of professionals to avoid the arbitrary and uncertain outcomes of Court litigation and to achieve a settlement that best meets the specific needs of both clients and their family as a whole.

Focusing on settlement, the professionals at Portland Collaborative Divorce offer a more healthy and effective forum for the resolution of a couple's divorce or other family issues.

The goals of the Collaborative Process are to help the couple define and implement the settlement that best meets the needs of their family, and to help the parties learn new skills for more effective communication, conflict resolution and post-divorce co-parenting.

Each party is represented by an attorney throughout the process for support, legal advice, and assistance with the legal documents necessary to accomplish a divorce.

In order to accomplish these goals, professionals are available to work together as a team.

A Collaborative Team can be any combination of professionals that the parties choose to work with to resolve their issues.

If the clients start the process by selecting attorneys, the attorneys can help the clients decide which other professionals are best suited to the family's needs. These other professionals might include mediators, mental health coaches, child specialists, financial planners, and appraisers.

If the clients begin the process by selecting a mediator, collaborative coach, mental health professional, or financial planner, these professionals can help the clients select attorneys or other professionals that would best fit your family's needs.

All teams will be customized to fit your family's needs. Meet our Collaborative Law Professionals.